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CrmXpress Security Roles Helper

Overview and How it works:
CrmXpress Security Roles Helper gives you the ability to compare the Security Roles for their differences at the privilege level with their scope. It gives you the list of available Security Roles on the system. You just need to select two security roles and hit the "Compare" button, and it will provide list of privileges with their scope which are not available in the other selected role. Additionally a search functionality is provided to search from the list of privileges.

Once you have imported the solution given in the downloads section successfully, follow these simple steps:

 Settings NavigationMain Screen

  1. Go to Settings, if you do not see any link to the Security Roles Helper tool, refresh the page.
  2. Click Security Roles Helper link from the navigation.
  3. Select first Security Role from the first dropdown, you will be presented with the privileges with their scopes. Similarly select the second Security Role.
  4. Hit the "Compare" button.
  5. A list of difference in their privileges and their scopes will be presented.

 Compared Security Roles

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